MAKING AN IMPACT… Annual Luncheon

This year’s Annual Luncheon was a heartwarming celebration of the community’s efforts in fostering our students’ social and emotional health and well-being. The event, held last month, showcased how the community’s unwavering support through the Foundation helps VPS students nurture their interests and passions, growing and thriving throughout their educational journey.

Attendees were treated to inspiring stories and performances by students who have flourished thanks to the community’s generosity. From art and music to culinary and technology, students demonstrated the diverse ways in which they have been able to explore and cultivate different forms of creativity. These opportunities not only enrich their academic experiences but also play a crucial role in their emotional development, providing them with a sense of purpose and belonging, while also connecting them with like minded peers and mentors.

Our Annual Luncheon serves as a poignant reminder of the collective power we hold to uplift our youth. With a total of $175,000 raised by the event, we can be sure that the mission of creating equitable opportunities for all of our young people will last. And by investing not just in basic needs but in their interests as well, we are investing in their individuality, ensuring a brighter, more resilient future for all.

Be sure to save the date for next year’s Luncheon – May 22nd, 2025!