Sponsors Making a Difference… Riverview Bank

Riverview Bank is committed to the people they serve. As a bank rooted in the belief that their success is based on the prosperity of the community, Riverview recently demonstrated their support for education and literacy through their sponsorship for Read Across America.

With a vision of making people feel seen, heard, and valued, Riverview embraced the opportunity to contribute to the education sector through early learning. Being a partner with the Foundation for more than 13 years, they took a proactive approach to address the need for access to books among the youth. Understanding that nurturing a love for reading at an early age paves the way to a lifetime of learning and empowerment, Riverview embarked on a mission to provide this essential resource for students.

The bank’s employees actively participated in Read Across America events, engaging with students to share the joy of reading. Through these initiatives, Riverview underscored its commitment to their community, ensuring that every child is encouraged to dream big and foster their imaginations through the world of literature.

Kyra Phelps, the bank’s Marketing Specialists says, “Riverview Bank is in the people business. We value our relationships and connections with people above all else because this is the cornerstone of what has made us who we are over the past 100 years. Through our collaboration with the FVPS, Riverview Bank actively contributes to create a lasting impact in schools. We foster student success, promote financial literacy, and strengthen our community every day.” As they continue to bridge the gap between banking and community service, Riverview Bank remains an example of how a financial institution can truly make a difference in the lives of those they serve.