Students Create Social Media Content for Heritage Months

In recognition of the rich diversity within Vancouver Public Schools, students were given an opportunity to take over the Foundation’s social media communications for several national heritage months during the 2022-23 school year. This new engagement opportunity was designed to give students a chance to share their voices, feel a sense of belonging in the community, and gain valuable experience creating content under the guidance of the Foundation’s Executive Director, Jenny Thompson and Social Media Coordinator, Prashant Chand. Another purpose was to give students a chance to represent the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our students, families, and school staff

Prior to the start of each heritage months club advisors met with Thompson to discuss the agenda and what we were hoping to accomplish. Students were then given a blueprint to work from with the Foundation Social Media Coordinator and Executive Director working together to communicate with students and advisors throughout the Heritage Months. The platforms students were able to engage with throughout the school year included Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Students created content based off the blueprint but ultimately, they had the freedom to create what they desired with our Social Media Coordinator suggesting minor edits to ensure the best overall quality of content. The schools that took part in these communications were:

• Gaiser Middle School (Black History Month)
• Hudson’s Bay High School (Women’s History Month)
• Skyview High School (Asian American Pacific Islander Month)
• iTech Preparatory (Pride Month)

Collaborations will continue during the 2023-24 school year along with increased campus visits and in-person meetings between student clubs and Chand. The following heritage month social media content is planned for the upcoming school year:

• Hispanic Heritage Month (Fort Vancouver High School students)
• Native American Heritage Month (School TBD)
• Black History Month (Skyview)
• Women’s History Month (Thomas Jefferson Middle School)
• Asian American Pacific Islander (Columbia River High School)
• Pride Month (Vancouver School of Arts and Academics)