VPS families avoid homelessness through Foundation for VPS Housing Stability Fund

For 30 years, the Foundation for VPS has worked to remove barriers so VPS students can come to school healthy, happy and ready to learn. One of the most prevalent barriers for families is housing instability.

Hundreds of Vancouver families struggle to find and keep stable housing—and the fight to do so takes a toll on children emotionally, physically, and scholastically. Students without stable housing are at higher risk for low academic achievement and graduation rates, student behavior issues, and high dropout rates.

To help prevent homelessness, the Foundation for VPS created a Housing Stability Fund, which provides families with one time rental assistance. Since its inception two years ago, over 200 VPS students and their families have been able to stay in their home and not face eviction.

The Foundation for VPS partnered with the Council for the Homeless (CFTH) to administer the Housing Stability Fund. VPS Family-Community Resource Coordinators refer eligible students and families to CFTH to receive timely and targeted one-time emergency housing assistance. Families work with CFTH to access this a one-time financial bridge, which helps keep their family from being evicted and potential experiencing homelessness.

Every family’s story is unique. With schools serving as the point of contact to identify critical needs among our student population, the Foundation for VPS can direct funding to ensure VPS families can stay in their homes, regain their stability, and allow students to focus on their education. Overall, a small investment compared with the cost of homelessness. Through the Foundation for VPS support, 200 students did not experience homeless.

Funding for housing stability is one example of how the Foundation for VPS removes barriers for Vancouver School District students. Through financial support from the Foundation for VPS and community partners, Family-Community Resource coordinators mobilize resources to help families access support services and basic needs items like food, clothing, personal hygiene items, utility assistance, transportation, school supplies, diapers, car seats, etc.
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About Council for the Homeless:
Founded in 1989, the Council for the Homeless is a nonprofit organization that leads the community’s efforts to prevent and end homelessness in Clark County and works with other social service providers, government, faith communities, businesses and more to identify and implement solutions to homelessness.