Sponsors Making a Difference… Wellpoint

Wellpoint, a leading healthcare provider, is making strides to promote overall well-being. WellPoint’s commitment to enhancing lives extends beyond clinics and hospitals, reaching into the heart of education through their recent support for Read Across America.

Recognizing the impact of literacy on individuals’ health, Wellpoint was a sponsor for this years Read Across America campaign. By investing in education, they aim to empower future generations with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions not just about their health, but about their overall goals in life. LeeAnn O’Niel, the Community Relations Specialist at Wellpoint, greatly appreciates their partnership with the Foundation, “Wellpoint believes focusing on the whole person is the foundation to living well because health is beyond physical-it’s recognizing the behavioral and social drivers that impact it, too. We are honored to partner with and support the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools as they focus on more than just the educational social driver our youth need to succeed.”

This initiative aligns with Wellpoint’s broader mission of creating a holistic approach to healthcare, because ‘your whole health is their whole point.’ By emphasizing the importance of literacy, they are addressing a key social determinant of health. WellPoint strives to build a foundation for healthier lifestyles from an early age, helping to equip students to make informed choices about their well-being.

Wellpoint’s dedication to community support demonstrates a commitment to nurturing a culture of well-rounded health. Their contribution to Read Across America exemplifies how healthcare providers can play a vital role in shaping healthier and more informed communities for years to come.