School Retiree’s Association Gives $1,000 to Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools

Members of the Southwest Washington School Retirees’ Association (SWSRA) have selected the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) as the recipient of a $1,000 grant.

The funds will be used to aid students facing learning barriers due to economic need and fund learning enrichment and mentoring programs that would not otherwise be funded by the school district.

“The Foundation for VPS was started 29 years ago thanks to the generosity of teachers and staff,” said Nada Wheelock, Executive Director of the Foundation for VPS. “Together with support from our caring community, we ensure that all students come to school ready to learn, and that they have access to the experiences that help them thrive in school and out.”

Referencing Foundation for VPS funding supporting the increase of Family-Community Resource Centers from one VPS school to 18 over the past decade, SWSRA representative, Donna Quesnell said, “We’ve seen stats that show (VPS) graduation rates rose from 64 to 85%! This, alone encourages our continuing support.”