INVESTING IN STUDENTS…VPS levy will be on the February 2023 ballot

Invest in kids by voting yes on Feb. 14

Vancouver kids and community need your support for the renewal education & operations levy on the February 2023 ballot. The levy is not a new tax, it would replace the existing education and operations levies that expire at the end of 2023. If approved, the renewal levy would be for four years from 2024 to 2027.

All schools in the district benefit from this levy which makes up 12.5% of VPS’ budget and helps to pay for staffing, basic programs and operations that are unfunded, or underfunded, by the state including: special education; classroom programs and programs of choice; additional teachers, nurses, counselors, mental health and general staff; safety and security staff; Family-Community Resource Centers; sports and extracurriculars like orchestra, band, choir and theater; maintenance and utilities for buildings and grounds; and more.

School districts rely on voter-approved local funding measures to cover costs not funded by the state. To learn more about how the district manages its budget, please visit the website To learn more about the levy proposal and what it funds, please visit the website

Approving the levy is vital to providing all students with a well-rounded education that also supports their safety and well-being. We hope you will follow the Foundation for VPS Board of Directors’ recommendation and give our kids some love with a Yes vote on February 14th!