MAKING AN IMPACT… SWACH Fosters Vision of Success

In a collaboration between the Southwest Washington Accountable Community of Health (SWACH) and the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools, a generous donation of $10,000 has been extended to ensure that every child has access to vision care.  Vision care, often overlooked as a basic need, plays a pivotal role in a child’s educational journey and […]

Sponsors Making a Difference… Riverview Bank

Riverview Bank is committed to the people they serve. As a bank rooted in the belief that their success is based on the prosperity of the community, Riverview recently demonstrated their support for education and literacy through their sponsorship for Read Across America. With a vision of making people feel seen, heard, and valued, Riverview […]

Sponsors Making a Difference… Wellpoint

Wellpoint, a leading healthcare provider, is making strides to promote overall well-being. WellPoint’s commitment to enhancing lives extends beyond clinics and hospitals, reaching into the heart of education through their recent support for Read Across America. Recognizing the impact of literacy on individuals’ health, Wellpoint was a sponsor for this years Read Across America campaign. […]

MAKING AN IMPACT… CTE and the Endeavour Fund

In a city focused on community, Mark Wreath, the Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Vancouver Public Schools (VPS), saw a vision for the future. VPS has always passionately supported students interested in trade work and workforce readiness, yet the challenge lay in the limited space available to nurture these ambitions. Mark, driven […]

Donors Making A Difference… US Bank

In an inspiring display of corporate generosity, U.S. Bank has recently made a substantial $15,000 donation to the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools, underscoring their commitment to nurturing education and empowering communities. This significant contribution aligns seamlessly with their overarching philosophy, which revolves around the empowerment of human potential, transcending mere financial services to contribute […]

Couve Clover Run 2024!

The excitement is building for Why Racing Event’s 10th Annual Couve Clover Run, set to take place on March 24th at the picturesque Vancouver Waterfront. This much-anticipated racing event has become a community favorite, attracting participants of all ages and fitness levels. The collaboration with the Foundation and Why Racing enhances the overall experience, bringing […]

MAKING AN IMPACT…Fostering Family Engagement to Support Student Success

Fostering Family Engagement for Student Success Recognizing that a child’s success in school is influenced by various factors, the Foundation for VPS directs funding to provide basic needs, support emotional well-being, offer enrichment opportunities, and encourage family involvement. Collectively, funds support a community schools strategy adopted within Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) in which schools serve […]


iQ Credit Union started much like the Foundation for VPS, with a schoolteacher’s shoebox and a handwritten ledger. Since 1940 they have grown to over 100,000 members at 16 branches. From the Foundation’s beginning, iQ has been a dedicated partner promoting student advancement by investing in our mission of getting kids to school happy, healthy […]

MAKING AN IMPACT…Nurturing Bright Futures: Crucial Support for Students’ Basic Needs

It is often said that education is the great equalizer, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to unlock their full potential, bridge societal gaps, and pursue opportunities for a brighter and more equitable future. However, this ideal can be difficult to reach for many students in our community who are grappling with basic needs insecurity. When […]


Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools awarded $6,000 grant from Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation. Umpqua Bank Charitable Foundation recently awarded the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) a $6,000 grant which will be used to remove poverty-related barriers to learning and increase student and family engagement and resiliency. Umpqua awarded Community Grants to 132 nonprofits in Oregon, […]