MAKING AN IMPACT… CTE and the Endeavour Fund

In a city focused on community, Mark Wreath, the Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Vancouver Public Schools (VPS), saw a vision for the future. VPS has always passionately supported students interested in trade work and workforce readiness, yet the challenge lay in the limited space available to nurture these ambitions. Mark, driven […]

Donors Making A Difference… US Bank

In an inspiring display of corporate generosity, U.S. Bank has recently made a substantial $15,000 donation to the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools, underscoring their commitment to nurturing education and empowering communities. This significant contribution aligns seamlessly with their overarching philosophy, which revolves around the empowerment of human potential, transcending mere financial services to contribute […]

MAKING AN IMPACT…Fostering Family Engagement to Support Student Success

Fostering Family Engagement for Student Success Recognizing that a child’s success in school is influenced by various factors, the Foundation for VPS directs funding to provide basic needs, support emotional well-being, offer enrichment opportunities, and encourage family involvement. Collectively, funds support a community schools strategy adopted within Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) in which schools serve […]

MAKING AN IMPACT…Nurturing Bright Futures: Crucial Support for Students’ Basic Needs

It is often said that education is the great equalizer, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to unlock their full potential, bridge societal gaps, and pursue opportunities for a brighter and more equitable future. However, this ideal can be difficult to reach for many students in our community who are grappling with basic needs insecurity. When […]

MAKING AN IMPACT…Investing in Student Mental Health and Well-Being

An important part of the mission of the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools is to address the many challenges students face in the process of learning. A student’s overall health and well-being are critical to their performance in school. When it comes to mental health, students whose emotional needs are met are more likely to […]

DONORS MAKING A DIFFERENCE…Cowlitz Tribal Foundation

The Cowlitz Tribal Foundation recently awarded the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools a $125,000 grant which will be used to provide direct support for students and families living in poverty as well as program support for early learning, mentoring, social and emotional health supports, enrichment and engagement activities. The grant came from the Cowlitz Tribal […]

RECENT NEWS…Bright Futures Luncheon Raises $230,000

The Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) held its 20th annual Bright Futures Luncheon on May 4, 2023. Over 500 supporters gathered to help celebrate a bright future for Vancouver youth, raising $230,000 in support of the 22,000 students in 37 VPS schools and programs across the district. Thanks to event sponsors, all money raised […]


Two evenings a week, families enter the gym at Roosevelt Elementary looking for education and personal connections. Upon arrival they’re often greeted by Hilda Lail, Family Advocate with Vancouver Public Schools’ Family-Community Resource Centers (FCRCs). Lail oversees The Plaza, a high-impact program designed for families from different cultural backgrounds to help improve skills such as […]


Each year students in VPS join in the nation’s largest celebration of reading, Read Across America. Thanks to our community partners, there is a special tradition for first-grade students at all 23 VPS elementary schools. Throughout the weeklong celebration nearly 1,800 first-graders and their families celebrated with a delicious breakfast provided and served by Beaches […]

MAKING AN IMPACT – Wrap-around services support a family during a tragedy

Providing wrap-around services for students and helping to bridge gaps due to poverty are an ongoing focus for the Foundation for VPS. In some cases, support helps families facing hardships due to unexpected circumstances. Sadly, this school year a VPS student died following a tragic accident. There was an immediate need to respond to support […]